The Passion behind the Picture


The Passion behind the Picture with Marissa Wonders

            Marissa Wonders is Sophomore at Towson University where she will major in Digital Art and Design. I got to personally know a little more about why she chooses this as her career path. She in inspired by everything around her and takes time to look at the flowers. She expressed that it makes her realize that life is a gift and if she can capture that in a picture then that’s what she wants to do. A picture saves a moment in time, Wonders truly embodies that in her works of art. I had the opportunity to dive into just some of her beautiful work. Her goal is ultimately to own her own interior designing company, with her creativity and passion for art it will take her far in this world.


Marissa Art


Puerto Rico Podcast

Jocelyn Kuilan, a victim of Hurricane Maria is here to talk about her journey and the taxing trials that her and her family have endured while going through the hurricane as well as after.

Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria, a powerful Category 4 storm that also impacted several islands in the Caribbean.

It was the strongest storm to make landfall in Puerto Rico in 85 years. It came ashore on September 20, 2017 where it sustained winds of 155 mph, knocking out power to the entire island. Trees were uprooted, homes were destroyed, and there was also widespread flooding.


How did Hurricane Maria affect you personally?

Was it hard not being there with your family when this was happening

When you went home for Christmas break what was different about the island?

What was some of the construction that was still being done?

Does this still impact you today?

Jocy PR





T’was the Night for a Circus Show

Tim & Heather


Walking into the circus immediately sends your senses into overdrive. The smell of popcorn fills your nostrils as you find your seat, you can feel the crunch of peanut shells beneath your feet, and you can hear yelling from the snack bar “cotton candy for two dollars! Come and get it”. Then the lights go out and a hush falls over the crowd.


A spotlight appears in the center of the curtain and out emerges the ring master. His voice echoes upon every wall “Welcome one and all to the Great All American Youth Circus! Prepare to be amazed because behind this curtain each performer is patiently waiting to put on the greatest show you have ever seen.”


The music starts to build and the butterflies in your stomach turn with excitement. “The swinging acrobats, the tumbling toddlers, the tight wire walkers, and gleam and glitter from the costumes are just the beginning. “So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Show!”


When you walk into the Great All-American Youth Circus this is what you would hear. It sets the tone for an astounding show that you are about to experience. Hanging onto the edge of your seat and letting your senses enjoy every minute.


Founded in 1929 the YMCA Great All American Youth Circus is the home to over 400 performers who practice for eight months out of the year to put on a spectacular performance for the audience.


Now there are many moving parts that put this operation comes together. Brennan Mejia is one of the 100 circus trainers that has made a significant impact at the circus. He is the first to talk about the difference it has made in his life.


“I have been a part of this circus since I was 4 years old and now I am 26 years old, this place has been a home away from home. Now I get to be a part of something that is bigger than me and give back in so many ways that I could ever imagine.”


He said there is this sense of belonging, and it doesn’t matter where you came from. The circus family takes you in with no judgement.

Frank & Lisa


Frankie Moyles who is an 8 year old performer at the Circus says that her favorite part about the circus is, “I get to make so many new friends and it is so much fun. I get to go every day to the YMCA and it is the best part of my day!”


The circus is an escape from her normal routine and going to school every day gets rather boring. When she goes to circus she does not want to leave.


Amy Moyles is the mother of Frankie and she expresses Frankie’s love for the circus, “Frankie is my daughter and her love for circus is a beautiful passion that I want to encourage. So as long as she wants to do it then I will do it with her.”


Amy Moyles has done this with her daughter for 5 years now because she knows that the circus is one big family that is accepting of all, Frankie needs to know that this compassion can be used later in her life that can have a lasting impact on others.


There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into making the show a reality. Eight months out of the year, practice is required because they want to put on an amazing show for the audiences in May.


“Frankie is the reason I wanted to be a part of this adventure with her and it has brought our relationship closer to one another. But another reason I stay involved is because I get the chance to be a part of something that is bigger than the both of us.


There are other parents just like Amy who did this with their children to keep their relationship while the children. Watching them grow up and start to become young adults is a beautiful journey, the circus becomes another environment for this to grow.


She also said that, “When the shows come around in May everything seems to be chaotic and a massive mess of people. But when the kids and everyone gets on stage it falls into place, becoming an inspiring performance of teamwork.”


This massive mess of people want to put on a show that they are proud of, so when the curtain comes up, working together becomes a reality. Everyone is welcome and no one will be turned down if they want to be a part of the YMCA Great All-American Youth Circus.


Brennan Mejia says that, “The YMCA Circus is defining the community and it is something they will stand by and be proud of.”


As the curtain closes you are left inspired and wanting to see more of these talented acrobats, defying gravity is just a part of the job. The effortlessness makes the performers graceful and beautiful. This circus represents the community in a positive light and each member of the circus family believes in that.




Making every Moment Matter

 Making Every Moment Matter

Brittany Tarr a forward for the Towson Tigers, left her heart out on the court Sunday night against Drexel University at SECU arena.

Now every day in the gym Brittany plays for a different reason. “My family is everything, I step out onto the court wanting to make them proud.” Moving from Sevierville Tennessee was a big decision for Tarr and her family.

Towson is eight hours away from her home town, now that does not seem like much but when you have not seen anything else in this world than it becomes even further away. She packed up her white Cadillac and hit the road to Baltimore Maryland.

Brittany is a determined athlete that wanted to prove to herself and her family that she could play at the Division 1 level. Presley, her older sister has always been one of her inspirations. “Ever since I was three years old Presley has made me the athlete I am today.”

The biggest lesson Brittany took away from her sister was the idea of a team. “In basketball there is no way to win without the people you play for. When I came to Towson they didn’t play for the individual stats they played for the person next to them.”

When making the adjustment of being away from home Tarr leaned on her teammates for support and friendship. Which is what she found. “I believe that my teammates are the people who have helped me stay at Towson. I have thought about leaving and just going home many times, but I know I can’t let them down. We count on one another.”

Jocelyn Kuilan one of the spectators at the game said that, “I love coming to the basketball games because I can see that they really do work well with one another. Whether its running a certain play, talking in a team timeout, or cheering from the bench. They all are on the same page.”

Unity is one of the building blocks that the Towson Women’s Basketball team uses as their foundation in constructing a strong team environment.  When they can play as a unit instead of five individuals out on the court, they can become unstoppable.

Kuilan also commented on Brittany Tarr’s game play. “Tarr is a true team player that wants to put the success of the team first. She plays for her team and it shows in her game play.” The women’s basketball team brings energy to the court and thrives off one another.

Making every moment count is a mantra that Tarr truly believes in. It has carried her this far and she cannot wait to see where is will take her next. “Drexel was able to take us in the 4th quarter and it became hard to recover the points we lost. We will play them again in the CAA Tournament in Philadelphia. We will be more than ready!”

The Towson Tigers Women’s Basketball team will play Delaware on March 3 in SECU Arena. Come see this team in action.



The People with a Story

Being Bendy is Trendy 

Frankie Moyles

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I want to be in the Circus! I am in the circus now and it is my favorite thing to do in the world, and if I could get paid to do tricks that would be the best job!”


Smilin on Skype 

Jocelyn Kuilan

What do you enjoy doing the most in life?

” I love being able to see my family everyday even though we are miles apart. My family is from Puerto Rico and we Skype or FaceTime everyday. Seeing my family and staying connected with them has made my college experience even more enjoyable because I get to share it with them!”


Coaching with Kam

Kamryn Stambaugh (Coach at Masters Volleyball Academy

What do you love most about your job?

“I love that coaching has made me an all around better person and a volleyball player. It has taught me patience and discipline which are traits I need to work on. I love being able to see my team grow everyday and progress as a one together. It has been a rewarding process to watch them come together.”